Summary Plan Description

If You Die Before You Commence Your Retirement Benefits

The Plan provides for benefits in the event of your death before you begin receiving benefits. The benefit payable depends on whether you are married or single at the time of your death.

Married Participants

If you are married on the date of your death and die before retirement, your spouse is entitled to a Pre-Retirement Surviving Spouse Annuity equal to 50% of the amount you would have received under the 50% Joint and Survivor Annuity option had you retired on the day before your death.

Unmarried Participants

If you are not married on your date of death and you die before you retire (or start receiving a Full Disability Benefit), a Lump Sum Death Benefit of $5,000 may be payable to your family.

You do not need to designate a Beneficiary for the Lump Sum Death Benefit. In the event of your death, it you are eligible for the Lump Sum Death Benefit, the payment will be paid in the following order:

  1. To your children (to share equally), and in the event you have no children,
  2. To your parents (to share equally), and in the event you have no parents,
  3. To your siblings (to share equally).

If none of these persons survive you, no benefit is payable.

This page includes only highlights of the Plan’s rules for payment of benefits if you die before you start receiving retirement benefits. See the Details Tab for more information.

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